We propel new names to fame, re-position weak brands to regain market share and assist artists and creative businesses in the daily management of their reputations.

With the support of I.T.R. at your beck-and-call, you know you will make the right choice for your brand every time!

Recent clients

Space Pilot VR Simulator

Brand management / Marketing consultancy

Key Element Studios

Brand management / Marketing consultancy

Blue Rose Saxophones

Brand management / Marketing consultancy

Marjolein van der Heide

Brand management / Marketing consultancy

Scarlet Mae

Brand re-postioning / Marketing consultancy

Daan Herweg

Marketing consultancy / Brand management

Noordi Gras Festival 2014

Brand Launch / Marketing consultancy

Teus Nobel

Brand management / Marketing consultancy

Anne Chris

Brand management / Marketing consultancy

Mateusz Pulawski

Marketing consultancy

Het Metropole orkest

Complete brand re-postioning

The Amsterdam saxophone

Brand creation/re-positioning

How does marketing consulting with I.T.R. work?

1. Intake

It all starts with you telling us the goals for your brand.

2. Brand test

Once we understand your goals, we analyse your brand (if allready excisting) and determine what works and which aspects can to be improved.

3. Brand development

Over the course of several weeks/months we help you develop your brand to the point where it's "market ready".

4. Setting up and running campaigns

Once the back-end is ready we help you create strong marketing campaigns to create attention for your brand, which we than convert into sales and brand loyalty.

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